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Our gift boxes to compose

La Maison Française offers beautiful gift boxes for all personal and professional occasions. Gastronomic products, fine bottles or French-made objects are arranged in beautiful gift boxes. You can choose from a variety of thematic gift boxes or you can compose your own gift box online and add a little note to the recipient !

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Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts or business gifts are an important gesture within companies during the end-of-year celebrations, and they can be invited on an ad hoc basis for the "pleasure of giving" throughout the year. Whether to thank your teams or your customers, business gifts allow you to surprise and perpetuate a relationship of trust. La Maison Française selects the best products of French craftsmanship, always in search of beauty and goodness ! For your business gifts, you will find a careful selection of French gastronomy, champagnes and spirits, tableware or lifestyle, products brought together in beautiful gift boxes.


Talents of France

The French excellence - famous for its gastronomy, its wines and spirits, its style and its art of living - is expressed thanks to the talent of men and women who perpetuate or reinvent the tradition, with a power in their work and a creativity which force the admiration. Great chefs, chocolate makers, pastry chefs, cooks, wine makers, cutlery makers, young talented designers, historical factories, French factories: all of them are driven by an essential attachment to the product and to the craft.


Brand of the moment

Le Régal

Créée en 1971 pour répondre aux besoins des fabricants de mobilier, l’entreprise Le Régal ouvre une nouvelle page de son histoire, en 2019, avec le lancement de sa première marque dédiée à la cuisine et aux arts de la table. Le Régal propose des outils fiables au savoir-faire français… mais sans négliger l’esthétique d’ustensiles de cuisine toujours prêts à servir. Selon Le Régal, le bois est LA matière idéale pour travailler, découper, servir et partager… avec une simplicité et un brin sophistiqué.